Talents Happenings

  On 31st March 2015, University of Malaya (UM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AppAsia Berhad to collaborate on AppAsia Mobile App Challenge. This agreement officially marks AppAsia as the official sponsor and co-organiser for the competition.   The MoU was exchanged as a statement of agreement between both parties – Mr Calvert […]

Interns Sharing Session by Dr Lim
March 24, 2015

After four months of successfully running the internship programme, our company decided to hold our first interns sharing session. Dr. Lim Chee Seong conducted the session; he is one of our heads of the department for talents programme. The purpose of the session is to share with the interns about how much we have grown […]

App Making Process
March 20, 2015

     Actually there are four stages of process involved in developing every app in our company. The first stage is when the interns propose their ideas to our supervisors. Our supervisors will review their ideas and see if their ideas have the potential to develop into successful apps. Our interns present their first prototypes to […]

Blackout at Office
March 10, 2015

Last week, we had the first power blackout in our office AppAsia Talents Club. Fortunately, it only lasted for less than an hour. It was just a minor electric circuit problem in the wiring. We manage to turn ON the main switch immediately but some lights didn’t work properly because of some lose connection in […]

Just Dance and Movie Night
March 5, 2015

Work Hard and Play Hard! This is our motto for every Friday. Why Friday? Because it is our last working day for the week. So, we always work hard to meet the deadline on this day every week. Everyday is a busy day as usual but Friday is quite special because of every deadlines. After […]

Talents Programme
March 3, 2015

When we started this talents programme, we only had a small number of interns. As we grow, the number started to increase. Right now we have more than 40 internship students working under the talents programme. The talents programme works as a powerhouse that create many interesting mobile apps. Most of our talents stand from […]

Birthday Celebration
February 25, 2015

Every month, we spend some moments in between our busy schedule to celebrate our intern’s birthday. The pictures are some of the birthday celebrations we have done so far. We started to practice this culture after we moved to our new office AppAsia Talents Club where we have the space to plan for this. So […]

Chinese New Year Dinner
February 25, 2015

Besides having dinner everyday, Chinese New Year dinner is always has been one of the important dinners. AppAsia has hosted a CNY dinner celebration for the staffs. Every staff makes a point to attend this dinner, as it is good time to share some quality moments with your colleagues outside the office. Many varieties of […]

Chinese New Year Video
February 19, 2015

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year festival, our interns have come up with a Chinese New Year wishes video. Check out the video below. Some quality amount of time have been invested to create this video so we hope you will like it.

New Office Opening
January 22, 2015

On 21st January 2015, AppAsia has opened its door for a new office, AppAsia Talents Club. The new office is located at the first floor of the Megan Avenue 1 Building. This Office is specifically design to provide all the facilities needed to give a comfortable working environment for our staffs. Some of the facilities […]